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Road trippers, take heart: there’s still a month of summer left! Not to mention that fall, my favorite season for hitting the road, is right around the corner with all its leaf-peeping goodness.

As you plan your itinerary, spare some thought for your vehicle. Instead of putting hundreds of miles on your own clunker, consider renting some wheels instead — it could significantly enhance your trip, as we advise in Five Features of a Fantastic Road Trip:

“If you’re renting a car, consider your route when you book your rental. Sure, Highway 1 is gorgeous through the window — but just imagine it in a convertible. If your trip is taking you to the mountains, consider an SUV. Do your homework and you may only end up paying a little more for a specialty car than you would for a compact.”

While an economy car is almost always the cheapest type of vehicle to rent, car companies sometimes offer free upgrades or limited-time discounts on specialty vehicles. See our Car Rental Deals for a sampling of these discounts.

Keep in mind that a fancier class of car might also set you back a little extra in gas. Convertibles lose fuel efficiency when driven with the top down, and SUV’s and minivans guzzle a lot more gas than their compact counterparts. Be sure to budget accordingly and check out our tips for saving gas and money.

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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2 Responses to “Travel Tip of the Week: The Right Car for Your Road Trip”

  1. lee laurino says:

    any suggestions on loctions that might have LOW drop off fees. wanted to drive cross country in sept but gas is too hight

    can go one way though. pick up the car on the west coast and leave it on the east coast. Suggestions on finding a deal like the Florida to the north east for $5.00 per day??

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