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What’s the best way to show the world that you’re a veteran traveler? Sport a fashionable IndependentTraveler.com T-shirt, of course! Play our perennially popular How Much Is This Hotel? game, and you could win said T-shirt, which looks great with jeans and a Cruise Critic fanny pack (that’s our sister site, in case you haven’t heard).

Guess the maximum standard nightly rate of the hotel room pictured below. Enter your guess in the comments, and be sure to include a valid e-mail address (so we can contact you in case you win). With a nod to “The Price Is Right,” we’ve added this condition: whoever guesses closest to the price of the room — without going over — wins a free IndependentTraveler.com T-shirt. Here’s the room:

Here are three hints to help you win that T-shirt:

-This room is part of a restored Victorian home that dates back to the 1860’s.

-This hotel is located in the largest city in the only U.S. state whose name has just one syllable.

-A hot breakfast is included in the rate.

We’re looking for the maximum nightly price for two people as listed on the property’s Web site, excluding holidays, coupon codes or package rates. Enter your answer by Sunday night, June 19, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time to win. We’ll contact the winner and reveal the answer on Monday.

– written by Caroline Costello

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33 Responses to “How Much Is This Hotel? Guess and Win!”

  1. City: Portland, Maine
    Hotel: Inn on Carleton
    Hotel cost per night: $195 (max)

  2. sharonsalyers says:


  3. BCOT says:

    $195 per night.

  4. SeaMarmot says:

    I’m going … $209 for the hardcore foliage fans.

  5. Terry Watson says:

    Looks like a nice room

  6. Lily Minas says:


  7. Kim M. says:

    195.00 :)

  8. Cynthia says:


  9. Lisa says:

    189.00 plus tax

  10. Kevin Dinan says:

    #329 per night in Columbus, Ohio

  11. Stephanie Cannon says:

    Inn on Carleton
    Max Rate: $216.45 (includes tax)

  12. Mary Buetow says:

    $195 per night

  13. Inez Krin says:

    195 usd per night for the Inn on the Carleton in Portland

  14. Randy says:

    I’ll say $209.00 a nite.

  15. Randy says:

    I’ll say $209.00 a nite

  16. Kathy says:

    I say $195.00

  17. margaret says:

    $395 per night

  18. Karen M. says:


  19. Roy says:

    Hotel: Inn on Carleton at 195USD per night in portland Maine, Room#3.

  20. Lee B says:

    $195.00/night high season

  21. Jeffrey Gary Clinard says:


  22. Anita says:

    $120-$195 depending on the season

  23. Craig says:


  24. Carolyn says:


  25. Mindy says:

    $195/night plus tax :)

  26. Nasreen says:

    Inn on Carleton
    (Room 3) :)

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