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With U.S. gas prices hovering around a budget-busting $4 a gallon, that summer road trip you’ve been anticipating may be looking pricier than you’d originally planned. While we can’t promise that gas prices will plunge just in time for you to hit the road, we can offer a few hints for cutting costs when traveling by car. For example, IndependentTraveler.com Ed Hewitt gives the following advice about where to stop and refuel:

“Choose an exit with several gas stations. You can usually tell these from the amenity signs on the highway leading up to the exit. If the sign lists two or more stations, you will often benefit from the simple fact that there is competition for your business. Upon exiting … choose the station that is farthest from the exit ramp. Typically [it] will have the lowest prices, simply due to the inability to gouge outsiders looking for a quick off-and-on fill-up (the locals often use this station).”

Hewitt goes on to point out that even if you have to pay a few cents more to drive to the farther station, your savings per gallon will easily help you make that back — especially if your tank was nearly empty before you stopped.

Got a smartphone? There are heaps of apps out there that will help you check for the best local gas prices: GasBag, Cheap Gas! and Local Gas Prices are just a few.

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— written by Sarah Schlichter

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