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On the first morning of a recent trip, I found myself rifling through my suitcase and grumbling under my breath. Neatly folded clothes went flying as I tried to find the sweater and pants I had in mind for that day’s events. Of course, they were all the way at the bottom of my bag. The matching shoes were in a different compartment altogether. And where the heck were those black socks?

Keeping your suitcase neat and orderly can be a challenge, especially on multi-stop trips when you’re packing and unpacking in several different hotels. But fellow haphazard packers, take heart: There is a better way. IndependentTraveler reader Debbi G. explains how she stays organized when packing for a trip:

“I buy two-gallon zip-lock bags to use when packing. I pick out a complete outfit (shirt, pants or skirt, underwear and socks to match — all wrinkle-free materials) and pack them in the large bag, removing as much air as possible. This prevents having to rummage through the clothes to find coordinating items and messing up the suitcase. I make sure that I have one bag per day or event, then just pull out a bag and get ready!”

This tip would work just as well in reverse too — you can fold and seal dirty duds in the bags again when you’re done with them, keeping them separate from your clean clothing. (Just make sure you remember which bags are which!)

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— written by Sarah Schlichter

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2 Responses to “Travel Tip of the Week: A Smarter Way to Pack Your Clothes”

  1. I think I wanna sign up for this one too. I’ve been having trouble packing my stuff during my trips. I guess this can be the answer. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Katie Boue says:

    I’m currently in the works for cookin’ up an article for my blog with packing tips – all lessons learned as I attempt to pack ‘light’ for my first air travel in years, and this is a great tip!

    Too bad my adventures are too spontaneous to allow for wonderful things like planning and organization, haha. Thanks for the excellent advice!

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