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tip restaurant coins eurosEvery Wednesday, we’ll feature one practical travel tip here, on our blog. Get our clever weekly tips and other travel resources in your inbox by subscribing to our blog (top right) or signing up for our newsletter.

Last week, we asked our readers to share their best tipping advice for a chance to win a Ritz-Carlton spa pack. It was a tough decision, but I’m pleased to announce that our winner is Susan, who offered the following words of wisdom:

“I found a great tipping app for iPhones called ‘Tipping Tips,’ which gives advice on tipping in over 100 countries. It’s got general guidelines and specific information on everyday situations like taxis and hotels, plus info on less common stuff like safari guides in Africa. There’s a calculator that knows what country you’re in and automatically calculates the correct percentage — very helpful since I hate doing math in restaurants!”

I love this advice because it deals with one of the biggest challenges for any traveler: the wide variation in tipping customs around the world. And like Susan, I’m allergic to math, so anything that will do calculations for me is guaranteed to make my trip go more smoothly. It’s definitely worth the $0.99 it’ll cost you for the app.

Congratulations, Susan! And thanks to everyone else who offered their own tipping suggestions; you can read them all in the comments of the original post. Need more guidance? Check out Tipping Etiquette, our Q&A with the great-great-granddaughter of manners maven Emily Post.

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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  1. Alex says:

    According to me, this is a big problem. Usually, My trip disrupted because think about how much money must be spent to give tips to someone and I usually do not take into account the expenditure for this. This is what makes me grow a lot of spending during the holidays

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