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There’s no question that mobile apps can make travel easier, by quickly converting one currency to another or helping you find the nearest restaurant or bathroom. But with so many thousands of travel apps on the market, trying to decide which ones to use can make your life more complicated as well. Do you really need 28 different apps to help you get through a week-long trip to Paris?

In Essential Travel Apps, Part Two: Accessory Apps, Ed Hewitt recommends one convenient app that can do the work of many:

“The free Where app distinguishes itself from the competition by trying (often successfully) to collect the location-specific information you can find in a number of other, more specialized apps into one uber-app. So instead of having one app for news, and one for local movies, and another for local gas prices, and another for weather, and another for restaurants — you get the idea — Where has a small app-inside-an-app for each. In many cases, the app within the app has still another app inside — in the Coffee applet, for example, you can choose only nearby Starbucks franchises, or nearby Dunkin’ Donuts, or nearby Au Bon Pain, etc.

“Where gets all its info from reliable sources — the weather comes from AccuWeather, the gas prices from Gas Buddy — and I found that it could almost take the place of an entire handful of apps already on my phone.”

Other multi-function apps include Expedia’s TripAssist — which allows you to book a flight, track itineraries (including those not purchased through Expedia), get real-time flight alerts and view alternate flight info — and the Yelp app, which allows you to search for a wide range of local businesses from restaurants and banks to drug stores and gas stations.

See more recommendations in Essential Travel Apps, Part One: The Basics.

Which travel apps can’t you live without?

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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