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cancun mexico Every Tuesday, we’ll feature the best travel bargain we’ve seen all week right here, on our blog. Be the first to find out which deals make the cut by subscribing to our blog (top right) or signing up for our weekly deals newsletter.

The Deal: The clock is ticking! This JetBlue spring fare sale includes dirt-cheap tickets to destinations in the U.S., the Caribbean and Mexico, but seats must be booked by 5 p.m. E.T. today. Flights to popular places like Las Vegas, New York, Nassau, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Montego Bay, Cancun and Washington D.C. start at $29 each way plus taxes and fees.

This sale features a wide spring travel window: fly from March through May. And don’t forget that each JetBlue passenger may check up to one bag for free.

The Catch: This sale’s limited run is its most glaring restriction. If you don’t have any travel planned for the next few months, booking a ticket on a whim today can be a bit of a Hail Mary pass. JetBlue’s deal includes some deliciously low-priced spring flights. But prices aren’t so low that you should snap up tickets before you’ve thought your travel plans through carefully. Put down the paper bag — you’ve still got a few hours left to sort things out (as of this posting).

There’s a second catch, unfortunately. Travel is only valid, at these prices, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Fares for travel on other days of the week won’t be as economical.

The Competition: AirTrain Airways, which scored top travel deal last week, has just announced a systemwide fare sale with tickets starting at $49 each way. Prices don’t beat JetBlue’s cut-rate fares, but AirTran offers a wider range of spring travel dates (fliers aren’t restricted to Tuesdays and Wednesdays), plus a larger selection of destination and departure cities.

Find these bargains and more money-saving offers in our Airfare Deals.

–Written by Caroline Costello

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