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Kilauea VolcanoIf Barack Obama’s allegedly long-lost birth certificate is wedged between igneous rocks in Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Tours is going to find it.

The tour company is raising eyebrows and poking fun at political conspiracy theories with its cheeky “Find Obama’s Birth Certificate” tour package, which takes travelers to places where clues to the location of Obama’s proof of citizenship just might surface. Participants will visit Kilauea Volcano, home to all-knowing Pele the Hawaiian Fire Goddess, who may reveal the location of the lost documents if she is in a favorable mood. Pearl Harbor Memorial and the Kahala Hotel and Resort, sites where Obama has been and may have dropped his birth certificate on the floor somewhere, are also on the itinerary.

What’s going on here? George Kaka of Hawaii Tours said in an e-mail, “‘Find the President’s Birth Certificate’ tour package was conceived to bring a lighthearted, adventurous aspect to touring the Hawaiian Islands. We believe in weaving relevant and recent history into our tours, when possible.”

No need to send angry e-mails to George. Hawaii Tours is only having fun. But political pundits and conspiracy nuts claiming that Barack Obama was not born in the United States are quite serious, and have been speaking out in blogs and books since the 2008 presidential election campaign. The theories are, according to a wide range of reputable sources, untrue. FactCheck.org confirms that President Obama, who was born in Honolulu, does have his original sealed and stamped Hawaii birth certificate. A scanned copy of the document is available for viewing on the Fight the Smears Web site.

Nonetheless, many still believe that Obama was not born in the United States. (Google “Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate” and you’ll find ample evidence of them starting arguments all over the Internet.) And now, these folks have a great excuse to skip off to Hawaii and do a little investigative reporting (though, really, the only thing I’d be investigating is who serves the best mai tais).

If you’d like your Hawaii vacation with a side of rapier-sharp political satire, you can book the three-day “Find Obama’s Birth Certificate” package for $399 per person. And let us know if you find it.

— written by Caroline Costello

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2 Responses to “Any Excuse for a Vacation, Right?”

  1. Hazmat Boxes says:

    LOL loving this post and the idea behind the tour. Will be sending this link to a few poeple… Kudos!

  2. katahdin says:

    Now that the crazies are claiming the “long form” is a forgery, you guys can keep the tour going indefinitely.

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