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win a trip to london from monogramsWe’re celebrating our 20th anniversary — and we want you to celebrate with us! That’s why we’re giving away a free trip for two to London from Monograms. The vacation includes roundtrip airfare from the United States, three nights in London, airport transfers in London, daily breakfast and a sightseeing tour, plus free time to explore the city on your own.

But a trip to London is just one of many fantastic prizes. We’re marking 20 years with 20 days of giveaways, including a NOOKcolor e-reader from Barnes & Noble as well as 20 IndependentTraveler.com T-shirts. You can enter once a day through February 14. The more entries you submit, the more chances you have to win! Click here to enter.

(Sorry, international readers: for legal reasons, we can only open the giveaway to residents of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.)

For more festivities, including a slideshow featuring the highlights of two decades of travel, check out our 20th Anniversary page.

And now we want to hear from you. Which trip of your own stands out the most from the past 20 years — your honeymoon, a once-in-a-lifetime African safari, your first glimpse of the Great Wall of China? Post your favorite travel memory in the comments below.

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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14 Responses to “Celebrate Our 20th Anniversary and Win a Trip!”

  1. soliteyah says:

    My best travel experience was studying abroad for a year at the University of Glasgow. It was my first time on a plane, first time overseas, first time really traveling and experiencing the world…and probably the best year of my life!

  2. Pemberton says:

    My best travel experience was going to Ireland with my best friend when I was 17. It was my first time overseas, and I had never seen anything more beautiful than the brilliant-green patchwork of the Irish countryside as I looked down from the plane on the way there.

  3. travelmel says:

    My now-husband and I visited South America by cruise a few years ago, and it was eye-opening — amazing to start off in balmy, bustling Buenos Aires and, within days, be playing with penguins mere miles from Antarctica. It was a phenomenal experience and a reminder of how big continents, and the world, really are.

  4. Kate Monster says:

    I saved my miles for years and years so I could go on a safari to Tanzania this past May. It was amazing! We saw all sorts of animals (our favorites: baby lions), camped at sites where zebras frolicked, saw beautiful scenery and tried local food. Now I want to visit other countries in Africa, but I don’t have enough frequent flyer miles yet.

  5. BritYank says:

    I have gone on many memorable trips such as Niagara Falls, Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mont Tremblant, Las Vegas, Lake Placid and many more! All of them stand out in one way or another, however, I believe my most memorable trip will happen this spring when I trek overseas to Dublin, London and Venice! I am so excited! :)

  6. SlyTraveler says:

    After college, I visited Poland for a month and taught English to teenagers at a summer camp. Spending such a long time in one place really allowed me to become immersed in the culture — Green Day is huge, the purple Teletubby is evil, tomatoes are a breakfast staple, and students have classes on how to use gas masks. Plus, the trips we took on weekends included some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.

  7. philip joannes says:

    My wife is an air traveler with many issues. While awaiting our flight from London to Copenhagen she, rather drugged, went for a walk. She was gone a rather long time and the flight was being called. She was not in sight. The flight boarded and no wife. The gate agent came over and asked if we were going to board and I replied, “Apparently not, that he had better close the flight.” He did. Eventually said wife showed up and wondered what happened to the flight. I explained. She asked what we were going to do. I replied that I would like to get the next flight home and the ball was in her court. She did get us on standby on the next flight, in tourist, of course. We were booked in first class. We got the flight. In Copenhagen we checked for our luggage which, of course, was not there and we were going on a cruise the next day. We, also, did not have our prepaid car and driver. The airline said they would send our luggage to our first port if it did not arrive before departure. When they learned the first port was St. Petersburg they advised they would not send it there. So…we got a cab to our hotel. It was a very silent cab ride. Our luggage did arrive in time, barely. By the time we got to St. Petersburg, we were speaking. I was scheduled for a one-day excursion to Moscow. About 6 a.m., on the bus to the airport for the flight a couple across the aisle from me were discussing with another passenger their awful flight experiences. Finally, one said, “You should of seen what happened to us in London. We were on our way to come to Copenhagen and were all boarded on the flight when some whacko women refused to board. We spent three hours on the ground while they searched for her luggage.” I looked out the window and said not a word.

  8. Up4travel says:

    My favorite travel experiences always seem to center around events in my life, rather than where we go. I have two most memorable experiences: my honeymoon in Hawaii, and the very first time I took my son to Walt Disney World when he was three.

    We’ve been back to both places since those first visits, and they never seemed to live up to those event-based trips.

  9. TravelBird says:

    Several years ago, I took a hiatus from my 9-5, packed a bag and spent a year working and traveling in Australia. After spending the first few months working three jobs and saving every penny I earned, I bought a car (a huge station wagon which doubled as my “hotel room” and handled like an ocean liner) and drove from Sydney to Port Augusta, then north through Coober Pedy to Alice Springs and Uluru. Driving through the outback was the most incredible experience – the amazing wildlife, breath-taking views, remote outback towns and great local characters are truly unforgettable. I then drove north to Normanton before heading east to the Great Barrier Reef, down to Brisbane and back to Sydney. I returned with enough road trip stories to last a lifetime, and a complete addiction to traveling.

  10. SeaMarmot says:

    I had a run-in with a mystical dog in Ireland. Beckoned us and gave us a tour of the eerie Hore Abbey in Cashel.

  11. JFraley says:

    Our honeymoon to Cancun! Wonderful weather, great beach, beautiful room. Planning to celebrate 20 years of marriage this August.

  12. Crystal Springer says:

    My Favorite was our trip to Australia, went to Darwin ,Alice Springs,Sydney,Cairns
    Scuba diving off the Great barrier reef, white water rafting in Cairns,Hike Kings canyon and Ayers rock,Hot air balloon & camel ride’s,tour Pearl factory, Canoe Floated Yellow river, Paddle boat Adelaide river for Jumping Crocs,Cruise Ship to Fitzroy Island, Small plane ride over falls, drove thru a National park and much more… an Adventure of a lifetime!!! and then there was the Cruise from Sydney to New Zealand…

  13. Crystal Springer says:

    Will be Celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year in December, and since we live in Alaska, it will be some place WARM!!!

  14. Meg King-Sloan says:

    My first trip to London was with my husband in 2004. Our hotel room was on the sixth floor of a hotel in South Kensington. Every time I looked out the window, we could see the rooftops, so (naturally) I said, “Second star to the right and straight on til morning!” When my husband got tired of me saying that, I started saying,”Step in time, step in time…” Well, I enjoyed that part anyway!

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