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eiffel tower paris sunset sunrise franceFor some travelers, trying to choose a favorite place is like trying to choose a favorite child — how can we pick just one when we love them all? But we recently asked members on our travel message boards to make that tough decision and share their favorite destinations in Europe.

Our members mentioned dozens of beloved places, from major capitals to remote mountain regions. (And true to form, most of them didn’t choose just one!) But in the end, we weren’t too surprised by the winner: Paris was mentioned 11 times, blowing away the rest of the competition (runners-up Amsterdam, Rome and Barcelona had three votes each).

“My favorite place in Europe is Paris,” writes member kayling05. “The mix of old and new architecture is wonderful; I stayed in a building that’s older than my own country … how crazy is that?? And the Eiffel Tower is not something to be missed. I wasn’t sure it would live up to the hype but it so did. The view from the top is amazing!”

Member canuck82 agrees: “Aside from London/Wales, the only other place I’ve been in Europe is Paris — and I could go back every week.”

Naturally, though, not every traveler is looking for the same thing. Writes member jocap, “When I was young, it had to be London, Paris or, these days, the capital of cool, Barcelona. Now [that] I’m old, I prefer the small towns and villages. Anywhere in France — a quiet village with a good restaurant. A happy little town in Germany. … Or by a lake in Sweden/Norway, just boating around.”

What’s your all-time favorite destination in Europe? Tell us in the comments or join the discussion on our boards!

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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  1. Affitto Ville Italia says:

    Definitely people will debate on this topic as Europe has many attractions including Italy to Paris. Everywhere in Europe, you will find natural scenery and virgin beauty.

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