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There’s nothing pretty about vacation-shattering winter weather, especially in light of the monster blizzard that blanketed the East Coast of the U.S. yesterday. But in the spirit of optimism, of searching for the silver lining in this frigid cloud of ice, I got inspired to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of the delicate piles of powder sculpted by the bitter wind outside my window. (The IndependentTraveler.com office is located in New Jersey, which, as of this posting, remains in an official state of emergency because of the storm.) Snow so often casts a quiet spell on its surroundings, whether in frosted Scandinavian cities or dramatic Alaskan landscapes. Even the humdrum undeveloped fields near our office appear ethereal and serene after a good snowfall.

Below are some charming snow photos snapped by fellow travelers in wintry locales. Do you have a favorite snow white winter destination? Share it with us in the comments!

Juneau ice climbing

Ice climbing on Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska, courtesy of Dan Askin.


Ferries in Helsinki, courtesy of Carolyn Spencer Brown.

new york snow

Snow in New York’s Central Park, courtesy of Catherine Sweeney (see more photos of New York during winter on Traveling with Sweeney).

peru winter

Andes Mountains, Peru, courtesy of WackyHeathen.

— written by Caroline Costello

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4 Responses to “Here It Snows Again”

  1. SeaMarmot says:

    What a great shot of Mendenhall … makes me thirsty for some cold glacial water.

  2. soliteyah says:

    Great photos, especially that first one! I love snow as long as I can sit inside and watch it through the window. :-)

  3. jc says:

    Snow does make for beautiful scenery. Now if they could just heat all the roads so it wouldn’t hinder travel…..

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