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A few weeks after ExpressJet pilot Michael Roberts made waves at the airport security checkpoint by refusing both a full body scan and an enhanced pat-down, the TSA once again finds itself embroiled in controversy.

This time it was a California man, John Tyner, who came up against the TSA’s new security procedures. Tyner was selected to go through a full body scan at the San Diego airport; because he refused, he was taken aside for a pat-down. When the screener described the pat-down procedure, which was to include a manual exploration of Tyner’s hips, thighs and groin, Tyner responded, “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested” — prompting the screening officer to call for a supervisor. In the end, Tyner was not permitted to fly, and he could face a fine and/or a civil lawsuit from the TSA for failing to complete the full security check before leaving the screening area.

Here’s a report (with video from Tyner’s cell phone) from CNN:

To read Tyner’s account and watch the unedited video of the incident, check out his blog.

Meanwhile, another pilot has joined Michael Roberts in standing up against the new security procedures. Continental pilot Ann Poe, who has an artificial hip that has necessitated additional screening in the past, declined to go through the full body scanner on November 4 due to concerns about radiation and the violation of medical privacy laws. She also objected to the enhanced pat-down, which she describes as “being sexually molested.” She was detained for two hours and prevented from flying her scheduled route.

Poe and Roberts aren’t alone; several pilot unions have also spoken out against the full body scanners and enhanced pat-down procedures.

If you face a choice between a full body scan and a pat-down on your next flight, what will you choose? Do you think the new screening procedures are fair?

–written by Sarah Schlichter

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8 Responses to “TSA Controversy: Traveler Protests Airport Security Screening”

  1. Txtvlgal46 says:

    My advice to this man is take Greyhound! I am patted down EVERY time I fly as I have a prosthetic hip; and I want to arrive whole no matter where I fly!

    • Freedom says:

      My advice to you…

      Stand up for your rights. This is not a safety measure.. it is a facade.
      You are no better off than before.

  2. Txtvlgal46 says:

    I’ll take the backscatter x-ray unless the secure traveller initiative comes to fruition. You’d think that pilots and flight attendants might press their employers to devise a way to prove their security worthiness so they are allowed to go through security.

  3. DavidA says:

    What happens when a terrorist attempts to smuggle something on by sticking it up his rectum? Guess what’s next for all of us? This isn’t a matter of security, or a matter of modesty, this is purely a matter of our basic human rights. As far as I am concerned, they are worse than Bin Laden. Bin Laden isn’t doing this to us, our own people are. If we don’t stop this, it’s just going to get worse.

  4. DeeGolles says:

    I think that patdowns on the elderly show disrespect. I think that patdowns on little children – particularly little girls – goes against everything that parents have been trying to teach their children ; that is “don’t let strangers touch you in your private places.” Now we have to stand there and let them “legally” do it? In the name of safety how far are we willing to go? Stip buck naked publically like the Nazis made the Jews do? Would it really keep us “safe”?

  5. I’m 74 years old and was uneasy about the added so called security protocols at airports and was about to take a flight from Austin, Texas to BWI for the Thanksgiving holidays. We don’t have these new protocols at the Austin terminal but they do at BWI.

    I was undecided about what to do until I read about your taking a stand and following additional online research that turned up Congressman Rush Holt’s letter to TSA Administrator, Pistole, I decided on Thanksgiving Day that I would not submit to either of these new protocols because they violated my Constitutional rights and lacked evidence the radiation wasn’t harmful (cumulatively) or enhanced travel security.

    My plan was to take a bus if necessary. My wife went through normal security but I was selected for the enhanced protocols and refused both.

    My trip back to Austin on the bus is detailed in an article I posted on the Hays County Roundup blog.

    Thank you for leading the way.

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  7. Security checks are important no doubt but you cannot affect the modesty of a person.

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