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steven slater halloween costume I couldn’t count the number of times I ran into Rod Blagojevich last October. And now this year, a thousand Steven Slaters will be walking the streets of America, issuing requests for candy on Halloween night.

Halloween costumes are an annual barometer of the pop-culture ruffians du jour, from famous folk heroes to politicians and nefarious public figures. In 2008, Obama, McCain and Palin costumes filled the shelves of Halloween superstores everywhere. Last year, it was Susan Boyle, Billy Mays and, of course, the floppy-haired Blago.

We’re thrilled that one of 2010’s most popular Halloween costume is — finally — a guise that evokes the horrors of air travel. Ricky’s NYC is currently selling the Angry Steward, a costume inspired by the JetBlue attendant who grabbed two beers and slid down the emergency inflatable slide after an in-flight altercation with a passenger.

The costume includes a navy flight attendant shirt, a tie and a bandage (reportedly, Slater was hit in the head with luggage that a passenger had been attempting to pull from the overhead compartment — hence the bandage). Unfortunately, Ricky’s is no longer taking online orders for Halloween costumes. But a trip to your local Salvation Army store could yield a navy dress shirt with blue tie. Add some bandages and beer, and you’re on your way to anti-establishment infamy.

Rickey’s Angry Steward costume has been selling quite well — which isn’t surprising, as Slater is still firmly planted in the public eye. Yesterday, Slater pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal mischief in a Queens court, and so far this week he’s been on Larry King Live, Good Morning America and NBC’s TODAY, explaining why he did what he did (short answer: he made a mistake and regrets the whole thing).

If you’re into the Steven Slater costume idea, I wouldn’t suggest waiting until next Halloween. By then, Slater’s 15 minutes will be long expired, and you’ll inevitably have to answer to curious onlookers asking, “What are you supposed to be?”

–written by Caroline Costello

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