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scottevest delta ad Delta Air Lines evidently doesn’t want you to know about a certain travel jacket that transforms passengers into walking carry-on bags. The airline refused to print an ad featuring the 24-pocket fleece jacket by SCOTTEVEST/SeV Travel Clothing, which had been submitted for Delta’s in-flight magazine, Sky.

The ad, pictured here, shows an X-ray view of a travel jacket that has various items — passport, iPad, iPod, pen — stuffed into a multitude of pockets. Note the headline: “The Most Stylish Way to Beat the System, SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing Has Specialized Pockets to Help You Stay Organized & Avoid Extra Baggage Fees.”

According to SCOTTEVEST C.E.O. and founder Scott Jordan, who’s been posting video commentary on this issue on his YouTube channel, Delta claims to have rejected the ad for two reasons. First, the “How to Beat the System” headline coupled with the image of an X-ray jacket implies that the “system” travelers are beating is the airport security system. Second, Jordan says the airline deemed the ad misleading because the jacket doesn’t actually help anyone save money on baggage fees, as each Delta passenger is entitled to one free carry-on bag.

Scott Jordan begs to differ. He argues that passengers can pack in their travel jackets what they would have otherwise stowed in checked bags, consequently saving them an extra piece of luggage in some cases. And, of course, this jacket is not designed to thwart airport security, says Jordan. Check out his response:

According to Tnooz, a Delta spokesperson released this statement: “Our discrepancy with this particular vendor was strictly based on creative standards. Delta and MSP Communications, publishers of SKY magazine, reserve the right to decline advertisements which do not appropriately represent Delta Air Lines or the travel industry.”

Whether or not Delta truly rejected the ad because of “creative standards,” the airline has gotten caught up in a blaze of bad publicity, fueled — in part — by Jordan’s clever promotional tactics. (SCOTTEVEST is the same company that paid for travel writer Rolf Potts to trek around the world with no bags and just an 18-pocket jacket, as we previously reported in our blog).

Ultimately, Scott Jordan — just like Delta — is making money from this modern epidemic of airline baggage fees. If we didn’t have to pay 50 bucks to check a bag, we probably wouldn’t need a 24-pocket travel jacket that sells for $140. Is Scott Jordan looking out for the little guy, or is he simply a shrewd C.E.O. taking advantage of public opinion to sell his product?

–written by Caroline Costello

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15 Responses to “Why Is Delta Afraid of This Jacket?”

  1. joy says:

    Shrewd C.E.O. with a good gimmick…………..Wish I had one as good!!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    I just flew Delta this week and they charge $25 for even the first checked bag…they no longer allow one free checked bag.

  3. LSKahn says:

    Looks like I will be buying one of these jackets before I travel on Delta.

  4. jodi says:

    It’s one free CARRY ON bag, not checked bag!

  5. Jolly8 says:

    This sounds like a great idea! If it comes in size XXX, I may be in the market for one. Right now I wear my heaviest clothing to fly except for slippers and bring one carry-on bag for the overhead and a personal bag to stow under the seat in front of me. This combination has worked well on one week cruises! With a jacket like that, I may decide to take longer cruises because all my belongings would arrive with me at my destination. Of course, their next step will be to ban the jackets! I retired from being a road warrior when Homeland Insecurity took over our flying lives. It became too much of a hassle to fly. We now drive to nearby ports unless cruising to destinations that require us to fly to the dock. They still double-check my wife for contraband in her leg brace! We are both handicapped and even with the assistance of skycaps, it is still a challenge to fly. Don’t dare be a late arrival at the airport either. You may not make it to your flight!

  6. Dwight Z. says:

    I have several SCOTTEVEST items including the Infamous Jacket. Good quality travel clothing. Another company has a trench coat version in the mill. the ” Suitcase Coat “. I’ll soon be sporting the “layered” look!

  7. Diana says:


  8. Woah! I think the guy is brilliant for the ones who can’t pack light enough to have a small rollerboard they can bring to the aircraft however, are you really going to get the same amount of clothes and supplies in the jacket?

    Why not just learn how to pack properly?

  9. Zoe says:

    I own several scottevest items from a sweat shirt to a vest and a shirt. I did not buy it to get around airport security or airlines. I bought them because they are great to travel with. I love being able to hold the things I need so my hands are free. I do not work for them but if you want any of there items go on line. It is a great line.

  10. Tracey says:

    I hope he designs an attractive “woman” SCOTTE”MS”VEST too!

    • Linda says:

      Scottevest has several women’s items. Not enough. But coming out with a women’s trench coat. They colors are mostly dull -lots of black/ beige.

  11. Pam says:

    The jacket is an ingenious design. My purchase was for security of my cash/passport/credit cards when traveling. However, I quickly learned that I could free up my hands by loading it with my daily “stuff,” including guidebooks and maps. Next discovery: getting me past the EasyJet size and weight restrictions. Flying biz class to Europe allowed me plenty of weight only to be crunched by an EasyJet flight. The jacket gave me the space to avoid a problem. The jacket is a wonder for all these reasons and more. Love mine!

  12. Darrell says:

    I know this is old thread but Scottevest is still a great deal even at the beginning of 2013. I travel to Southeast Asia from the United States several times a year and I NEVER need to check any bags…The men’s trench coat holds approximately 10-14 days of clothing. In addition to the trench coat I do carry a small backpack carry on which contains my computer and other items like mp3 player, ereader..etc…On the Scottevest site they show the trench coat being “packed” with small electronics..etc but I prefer to pack it with just clothes and use my carry ojn for the rest…Works GREAT. I would prefer this just to be able to avoid having to wait and be delayed picking up my bags…While others are waiting I am zipping through security/customs and am “leaps and bounds” ahead of them. But for those people who continue to deny that Scottevest and products like it are a great things I guess you can believe them if you want…But they are not being honest with you if they say these products don’t make things easier…

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