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Just dance, indeed.

Unless you missed it (and with more than seven million hits on YouTube and a flood of Internet chitchat, that’s increasingly unlikely), you probably have an opinion one way or the other about the dancing flight attendants of Cebu Pacific, the Philippines’ biggest airline. Take a look:

Since it was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public a few days ago, the video has torn the flying populace. Critics say it makes light of an important safety procedure, while the Flight Attendants’ and Stewards’ Association of the Philippines calls it “demeaning” and notes, “while it may look like a harmless publicity stunt to attract passengers at first glance, in the long run the stereotyping of flight attendants as entertainers will surely have a negative and sexist impact in the minds of the public.”

According to a New York Times blog, the airline contends that the safety song and dance was a supplementary demonstration that took place after the regular drill was conducted. Plans call for the routine to be performed on flights lasting an hour or longer.

Some travelers … well, some just dig it. And I’m among them. Maybe it’s because I like Lady Gaga (yeah, I admit it), or because I’ve been the aisle-seat pin cushion for one cranky flight attendant too many. Attendants have it tough trolling the oft-unfriendly skies, and I can understand the angst some are feeling about their choreographed cohorts.

While I’m not sure I’d glean the all important info I’m supposed to be gleaning from this safety schtick, I’d definitely look up from my in-flight magazine to watch the show (besides, how many of us actually give undivided attention to the unadorned drill?). It’s the same reason I pay heed to Southwest flight attendants, who invariably add a little swagger to just about everything they do.

–written by John Deiner

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31 Responses to “Dancing Flight Attendants Kick Up Controversy”

  1. Aja says:

    That is pretty much adorable!

  2. Laura says:

    Hmmm, wouldn’t mind seeing a few MALE flight attendants dancing!

    • 4blokes says:

      Agreed! I could use a little levity by the time I’m herded/boarded into my seat. Completely harmless and SWA and Jet Blue do their best to mix it up a bit, not to this extent tho.

  3. CG says:

    At least it gets everyone’s attention. I love it. They’re just so darn enthusiastic. I want all my flights to start like that.

  4. LSKahn says:

    Air New Zealand has a safety video that has to be seen to be believed. Either way, an off beat safety demonstration gets everyone’s attention–which is the point. I am happy to pay attention to something inventive instead of the usual “sleep through” the boring instructions.

  5. Jessica Calero says:

    It gets everyone’s attention. I know that I have flown so many times that I no longer pay attention when the flight attendant is up there. Having entertainment while providing valuable information is a great way to get people to focus and see what the attendants are doing. In the end they are getting the job done, people won’t forget what to do when they need a life vest.

  6. dlcama says:

    I like it, I just read or sleep through the announcements anymore – no problem hyping it up to get everyone to pay attention!!

  7. DKB says:

    I agree, everyone seemed to be watching and the equipment and safety demo was clear and understandable. I think it’s great and would like to see the guys do it too!! It really looked like they were having fun with it.

  8. Emjay says:

    Why not? Those preflight announcements are so routine, that no one listens. Consequently, if there is an emergency, who would know what to do? At least these attendants get the attention the safety procedures need. If a procedure is remembered because of the dance, that’s a positive.

  9. tinaw says:

    Just to see a flight attendant smile is worth it!

  10. Keith says:

    A fundamental question: Is there anyone who doesn’t know the entire safety drill by heart, having heard it so many times? So, is it really necessary? How about a 5 minute session for first-time travelers and eliminate the repetitive drudgery?

    That aside,anything that can be done to enhance the delivery of this redundant information is welcome. However, I was a little uncomfortable watching the attendants dance in the video.

  11. CCruise says:

    Publicity stunt – so what? Anything to make a flight less boring is greatly appreciated. Why do you think SouthWest Airlines is so popular…..their flight attendants always entertain. I’m all for keeping passengers amused.

  12. Leta says:

    Great ……certainly makes people pay attention …..great idea.

    Nothing deaming about it.

  13. Jimmy says:

    First time I paid attention I think it is great.

  14. Pemberton says:

    I’m not a Lady Gaga fan, and I wouldn’t want this song stuck in my head for the duration of the flight. Does anyone have any other song suggestions for this performance? I would love to hear “Safety Dance” or a song that has something to do with the flight’s destination.

    • Peter Campbell says:

      I agree with you absolutely about the “Safety Dance” song being used. The actual video was atrocious, but the inclusion of a song would certainly make it more memorable.

  15. STEPcoach says:

    If I had a choice between this lively flight and a similar boring one, I’d pick the one where the attendants look like they care every time! Can’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed flying. Good idea!

  16. Cyn says:

    Please! I’ve heard airlines rap this info & crack jokes while giving the speech why NOT dance thru it? If it gets people to pay attention it’s all for a good purpose.

  17. Pat says:

    I think it’s great. A great way to get everyone to pay attention. Whatever it takes!


  19. jag says:

    ok so it makes light of the safety demo….at least people are watching and and getting the basics. Better than people sleeping which is usually the case. Take it from a flght attendant from the largest US carrier…..this is clever and crews should be able to be creative to get the point across. good gooing.

  20. Mike says:

    I would assume the critics and the Flight Attendant and Stewards Association memebers who have issue are over 50, over weight and have no sense of adventure or fun. The routine covered all the safety points, the customers watched and enjoyed it and it wasn’t sexual or degrading. There will always be two sides of any point, but look at the big picture. Unless you live in a cave still or you have never flown or seen Movies or T.V. you already know the safety procedures. It doesn’t take a genius to fasten your seat belt. I bet there were people who have thousands of miles in the air that watched the entire routine. It was fun, got everyones attention and well done, not cheesy. The Flight Attendants took the time to learn the dance and seemed to enjoy to doing it. They did not look embarresed like those poor employees at those resturants that have to sing “Happy Birthday” several times a day to the hatered of everyone else in the place. No one expects Flight Attendants to be entertainers. This made this flight crew and Airline stand out. I applaud thier efforts! GREAT JOB!

    LIGHTEN UP critics! Go enjoy life.

  21. I liked it and I think it actually got the safety message across at least as well, probably better, than the regular routine. However, it might not work so well with different flight attendants whose dancing skills may not be so good.

  22. Kobra911 says:

    Injecting a little humour on another wise boring flight is always welcome. On a recent flight, 2.5 hrs., to Las Vegas on Westjet we had an attendant do a comical rendition of the safety routine and the full airplane loved it. Doing this, in my mind, does not demean the safety instructions one bit. How many times in the past have you and most of the passengers read a book or did something else while the droning safety commentary plays and the attendants robotly go about the dull routine? Stop being a bunch of prudes. I SAY KEEP IT COMING!!!!

  23. ken says:

    I love it I would watch every second of them keep doing it gets your attention

  24. alice says:

    I think it’s cute but the background loud music distracts from the hearing the safety message. (As you get older, which I am, it gets more difficult to space out the background noise (the music) and hear the message. I’m also on the plane to get from point a to point b, not to be entertained. I’d rather be safe and hear the safety message than dead and not know what to do in the event of a water landing.

  25. BJ says:

    DO NOT LIKE IT. The music was distracting. A bit of common sense information, which I have heard before, is more like it. ex: “if you even think of trying to smoke in the toilets, don’t. You’ll be escorted off the plane.”

  26. Judy Nixon says:

    I think its a great idea, we were on board a Virgin Blue flight that did a humerous safety demonstration. more people listened to the talk than i have ever seen and also all the passengers cheered when they had finished and seemed to be in good humour. It was a lovely flight with all the passengers and staff being pleasant and friendly – we need more good will in the world.

  27. Rob says:

    Nothing Wrong with this. I don’t know how many flights I have taken and no one pays any attention to the safety demonstration. Why Not Spruce It Up!!
    At least people will no pay attention. They went through all the main safety features, it was clear and coherent. What a way to fly!!!

  28. Kathy says:

    What a great way to get the point across. I travel a lot and love South West and Jet Blue because they make boring flights more fun. Keep up the singing and dancing.

  29. Astra says:

    I’m in favor of it. I notice that not too many people pay attention to the safety information otherwise. This way, they will watch and at least glean more of the info that by just continuing to read their books. Let’s Dance!

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