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thanksgiving turkey meal mashed potatoes asparagus side dishes holidayThis Thanksgiving, a trip to enjoy turkey and all the trimmings with your loved ones will cost you — especially if you choose the wrong days to fly.

Travelocity has analyzed average domestic airfares for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday to see which travel days offer the best deals for fliers. The results?

The lowest average fare that Travelocity found was for flights departing on Thanksgiving Day and returning the following Tuesday, November 30. Flights on these days would set you back just $293 roundtrip. Compare that to the most popular dates to fly: depart the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and return the Sunday after, and you’ll pay $463 — a difference of $170. (You can see the full fare chart by visiting the link above.)

If these numbers look a little high, it’s not your imagination. Travelocity reports that fares are about 10 percent higher than they were at the same time last year.

Unsurprisingly, avoiding the most popular travel days is the key to finding an affordable flight — but for some of us, a lower fare isn’t worth an inconvenient schedule (or a few extra days with the in-laws). What’s your Thanksgiving travel strategy? Will you be flying on peak days or off-peak days … or will you be staying home to avoid the whole mess?

–written by Sarah Schlichter

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