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crazy driverRemember that infamous scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” in which the parking lot valet takes a 1961 Ferrari for a freewheeling joy ride once the keys have been handed off? Well, it looks like life is imitating art.

Mimi and Ulrich Gunthart, a pair of travelers who had left their car in the long-term parking lot at Kennedy Airport, returned from vacation to find that their vehicle’s mileage had mysteriously increased — by 724 miles. According to the Associated Press, “Ulrich Gunthart said he was ‘flabbergasted’ when he saw the number.” To make matters worse, the stereo blasted on at full volume when the Guntharts started up their vehicle (a BMW, according to the New York Post).

The manager of the AviStar parking lot said the company looked into the matter and saw no indication of foul play. The couple has not yet received a refund from AviStar, reports the New York Post.

This story is bound to strike fear into the hearts of luxury-vehicle-owning travelers everywhere (whereas those of us driving around in 1985 Yugos will probably be spared the regard of naughty parking lot attendants). After reading this, do you feel safe leaving your car in an airport parking lot while you travel? Did you ever?

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4 Responses to “Back from Vacation, Couple Finds Car Has Driven 724 Miles”

  1. SeaMarmot says:

    I suppose I’m a little naive, but I’ve never been worried about leaving my car anywhere (or sleeping in it on occasion). Could be that I have an ’89 Maxima with two working windows and an odometer that periodically stops working.

  2. soliteyah says:

    Recently I came home from a trip to find one of my rear windows broken. I guess I should have checked the odometer as well!

  3. I agree with ‘SeaMarmot’ I’ve never really worried about leaving my car with a valet service, but maybe should be more vigilant now!

  4. jen c says:

    Parking in one of those lots always makes me slightly nervous, so I always try to either get a ride from someone or take the train. I’ve heard too many stories about bad things happening, though this is probably the worst yet!

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