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mount rushmore south dakotaWould you travel all the way to China to visit the Beijing Museum of Tap Water, or take a break from touring Egyptian pyramids to catch the highlights of Cairo’s scenic Garbage City neighborhood?

These are just two of the don’t-see sights in the new book 101 Places Not to See Before You Die by Catherine Price. This “anti-bucket” list — a response to the recent bestseller “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” — offers a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the world’s truly unappealing attractions.

While it’s not hard to see why a Latvian prison hotel or Montana’s annual Testicle Festival made it into the book, the list is not without controversy. Price turns up her nose at many popular tourist attractions, including Stonehenge, Mount Rushmore and the Blarney Stone — which is oh-so-hygienically smooched by some 400,000 visitors a year. And there’s bad news for our readers in Nevada: Price has consigned the entire state to her “do not visit” list. (Feel free to defend the many wonders of Nevada in the comments below!)

What places would you recommend that other travelers avoid?

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3 Responses to “101 Places NOT to Visit”

  1. Wow! I haven’t read the book so can only comment on what’s in this post, but it seems that Catherine Price doesn’t really get places like Stonehenge, Mount Rushmore,the Blarney Stone or the state of Nevada. I can only speculate that she is probably turned off because of the mass tourist appeal of these places and considers herself above all of the common travelers. If she would take a moment to really see the significance (historical and aesthetical) of these places, she might be able to appreciate them.

    I would understand not putting them on the bucket list, but to dismiss them as “don’t see” sights seems quite narrow-minded.

  2. denise says:

    doesn’t like Nevada, eh? I’ll bet her book will now be as unpopular as our president when he told people not to go there either. I had a wonderful time there the two times I went. Once to Las Vegas – hubby and I are not gamblers but walked right by the tables and went to the Beatles Love show – definitely should have been on my bucket list it was awesome. And then we went on to Hoover Dam and it was on my bucket list. It did not disappoint. As we headed back to Las vegas we stopped at a little wine bar cafe in a little town and watched the sun set from our table outside with a wine and cheese platter.

  3. william ferrari says:

    as above nevada turn the ights on at night & thats it (vegas) WOUULD NOT GO THERE IF YOU PAID ME TO

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