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On the IndependentTraveler.com Facebook page, we asked our readers to reveal the worst thing they’ve forgotten to pack on a trip. Their answers ranged from passports (tragic!) to pajamas (marginally unfortunate). Here are a few comments we received:

Lauren S.K. wrote, “My daughter’s passport (we went the next day). Second worst thing was underpants. I guess you know where I went first when I got to Germany: the department store.”

Said Carmen C., “I use the same packing list every year, never forget anything.”

Kudos to you, Carmen! And thanks for giving us an excuse to shamelessly plug our Interactive Packing List, a customizable checklist of more than 100 commonly packed items that you can print or e-mail. Making a packing list before you leave for vacation is a failsafe way to avoid having to purchase new underwear in a German department store.

What’s the most important thing you’ve forgotten to pack? Spill the beans on our Facebook page, or post your comment here!

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One Response to “How to Remember to Pack your Underpants”

  1. RichardNika says:

    Traveling to Israel in 1993, I forgot to pack socks. You know the feeling of putting on stale, stiff well-used socks? I went out my first morning in Tel Aviv and bought really bad socks. They were made from some sort of stiff fabric and were really uncomfortable.

    For a major trip, I usually start a packing list two weeks in advance. I keep the list on the dining room table, and every time I think of something, I run into the dining room and add it to the last. I also keep a list of last minute super-important things to check: Passport? Gas burners turned off? A lot depends on where you’re going and for how long. For our just-concluded two week trip to Argentina, the final list was a full page of small print. For one of our same-day trips to NYC and back, on the other hand, there are only three items: water bottle, something to read, and something to eat.

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