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quiz Put your travel knowledge to the test — great prizes are at stake! The popular Travel Trivia section in our newsletter gets hundreds of responses each week. And the lucky winner (randomly picked from the correct responses) receives a fabulous prize. We’re currently giving away IndependentTraveler.com airplane comfort kits, which come with ear plugs, a neck pillow and an eye mask.

Here’s a recent question from our July 22 newsletter: What is the only city that sits on two continents? Quite a few people guessed “Panama Canal,” an astute conjecture. But the Panama Canal is not a city, and some experts contend that the separation between South and North America is the border between Panama and Colombia. The correct answer? Istanbul, which is located in Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus, a strait that bisects the Turkish capital, is generally thought of as the dividing line between the continents.

To get in the game — and get a shot at winning a prize — sign up for our weekly travel newsletter. Take a peek at this week’s newsletter and travel trivia question here.

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One Response to “How Smart Are You?”

  1. SeaMarmot says:

    Love the travel trivia … and loved Istanbul, one of my two forays into Asia (although I still need to head farther East to experience the “real” Asia). I’ve been right on a few of these, but I never win anything. Except I feel like I won something at my senior prom. Yes, yes … it’s coming back to me now … like biting into a tea biscuit.

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